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Professional Development for Delaware Library Staff: Leadership

Definition - WJ Competency Index

It is not necessary to have “manager” or “director” in your title in order to be a leader. There are both small and large opportunities to demonstrate leadership at any level. Solid project management skills, alignment with organizational vision and goals, and being responsible to others are all components of being a leader. Library leaders:

  • Align efforts with the vision and direction of the organization.

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and behavior.

  • Employ sound project management principles and procedures in the planning and implementation of programs and services.

  • Anticipate and adapt to change and challenges effectively.

Training Needs Assessment Rankings

Leadership ranked #17 out of 51 self-identified urgent training needs.  It ranked #21 out of 60 topics staff would like training in.  38% (43) of respondents indicated they would like training at the Beginner level, 26% (30) would like training at the Intermediate level, and 40% (35) would like training at the Advanced level.

Customer Service Standards

Safety - Provide a safe environment for staff and public, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and physical well-being.

Courtesy - Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Knowledge - Be aware of library policies, procedures, and resources.

Efficiency - Provide accurate and timely service with the best use of tangible and intangible resources.

Online Learning

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Additional Resources

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