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Professional Development for Delaware Library Staff: Older Adult Services

Definition - WJ Competency Index

Libraries have the capacity to inspire, engage and support community members of all ages. Libraries provide an array of opportunities for adult patrons from diverse backgrounds. Older Adult Services staff:

  • Design and implement library services to meet the needs and interests of older adults in the community.

  • Define and implement outreach services to increase older adults’ use of library services and to reach underserved populations.

  • Design, implement and sponsor library programs for older adults that provide information, entertainment and opportunities for lifelong learning.

The Competency Index for the Library Field includes Older Adult Services on pages 41 & 42.

Training Needs Assessment Rankings

Older Adult Services ranked #15 out of 60 topics staff would like training in.  52% (63) of respondents indicated they would like training at the Beginner level, 30% (36) would like training at the Intermediate level, and 19% (23) would like training at the Advanced level.

Customer Service Standards

Safety - Provide a safe environment for staff and public, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and physical well-being.

Courtesy - Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Knowledge - Be aware of library policies, procedures, and resources.

Efficiency - Provide accurate and timely service with the best use of tangible and intangible resources.

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