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Professional Development for Delaware Library Staff: Collection Development/Management - 000 - CORE

Statewide Professional Development Team

Definition - WJ Competency Index

A library’s collection of materials is never static. Collection development librarians not only select and deselect materials for the collection, but also develop and implement policies and procedures and ensure that staff are trained on their proper execution. Collection development staff:

  • Build and maintain a collection of resources in many formats based on a determination of community needs.
  • Establish and apply selection and evaluation criteria to build a collection of high-quality and relevant resources.
  • Research and design systems and services to provide optimal access to resources.
  • Understand and establish collection development policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that the collection is current, useful, and in good condition.

The Competency Index for the Library Field includes Collection Development/Management on pages 16-18.

Training Needs Assessment Rankings

Collection Development/Management was identified as a CORE training need in the Training Needs Assessment.  It ranked #10 out of 51 self-identified urgent training needs.  It also ranked #10 out of 60 topics staff would like training in.  42% (55) of respondents indicated they would like training at the Beginner level, 25% (33) would like training at the Intermediate level, and 32% (42) would like training at the Advanced level.

  • As part of Collection Development/Management, 129 respondents indicated they would like training in collectionHQ.  53% (69) indicated they would like training at the Beginner level, 25% (32) would like training at the Intermediate level, and 22% (28) would like training at the Advanced level.   

Customer Service Standards

Courtesy - Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Knowledge - Be aware of library policies, procedures, and resources.

Efficiency - Provide accurate and timely service with the best use of tangible and intangible resources.

Online Learning

ABLE Collection Development Sequence (Idaho Commission for Libraries)

Collection Development Training for Arizona Public Libraries

Practical training in how to perform collection development activities in public libraries, including helpful Internet sites, lists of books and articles for further reading, and definitions of key terms. Intended primarily for library staff working in small and rural public libraries.

Fundamentals of Collection Development & Management (ALA)

A 4-week course that addresses the basic components of collection development and management.

Problematic Award-Winning Texts: Daniel Boone, the Newbury Award, and Children's Librarianship

According to Melanie D. Koss and Kathleen A. Paciga, "Newbery Medal winners rarely go out of print... since its inception, only one book is currently out of print, Daniel Boone by James Daugherty (1939), due to extreme racism and perpetuation of stereotypes" (2020).* But after 100 years, are all the Newbery titles still relevant to today's young readers? Should librarians continue to keep Newbery award-winners as part of their collection, no matter how old they are? What do we do with Doctor Dolittle?



collectionHQ Best Practices can be found on the DLC Consortium site, under Professional Development/Collections and Public Services/Collections.  

Weeding Resources

Additional Resources

Collection Development, ALA

Annotated bibliography of resources.

Collection Development Wiki (ALA)

Professional tips, including general guidelines and resources and sample collection development policies.

Collection Management Section, ALCTS/Association of Library Collections & Technical Services, ALA

Supports library professionals who perform collection management and development while selecting and evaluating all types of library materials in all types of institutions.

Diversity in Collection Development: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights (ALA)




Selected Bibliography

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