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Professional Development for Delaware Library Staff: Grants - 600

Summary - WJ Competency Index

Grant Writing is not listed as a separate competency in the Competency Index for the Library Field, but it is noted in the following:

  • Library Management Competencies - Financial Management (page 27)

Training Needs Assessment Rankings

Grant Writing ranked #15 out of 51 self-identified urgent training needs.  It ranked #10 out of 60 topics staff would like training in.  55% (71) of respondents indicated they would like training at the Beginner level, 23% (30) would like training at the Intermediate level, and 22% (29) would like training at the Advanced level.

Customer Service Standards

Courtesy - Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Knowledge - Be aware of library policies, procedures, and resources.

Efficiency - Provide accurate and timely service with the best use of tangible and intangible resources.

How To's

Trying to search for grants? You can access Candid’s Foundation Directory Online through the University of Delaware Morris Library. Follow this link on the grants and foundations research guide.  UD's Morris Library can also assist you with funding searches directly. Contact Alison Wessel at for help.

Online Learning

Delaware-Specific Resources

Additional Resources

Community Tool Box – Write a Grant Application for Funding

Foundation Center

A comprehensive starting point for practical current information on grants, including a large database on foundations and corporate giving and a wealth of resources on proposal writing. As partners of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network, the Dover Public Library and the University of Delaware Library provide databases and other materials designed to assist organizations in locating potential funding sources. 

Foundations and Grants Resource Guide (University of Delaware Library)

A simple, unified electronic storefront for interactions between grant applicants and the Federal agencies that manage grant funds. 


Foundation Center website that provides a good orientation to its products and services and serves as a gateway to Internet resources related to foundations and grants.

Library Grants Blog 

For librarians interested in grant opportunities.

Philanthropy News Digest RFP Bulletin

RFPs and notices of awards from grant-making organizations and nonprofits.

Selected Bibliography

On the Art of Writing Proposals, Pzreworski, Adam and Salomon, Frank, (Social Science Research Council, 1995 rev., 1988)