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Professional Development for Delaware Library Staff: STEM

Summary - WJ Competency Index

STEM is not listed as a separate competency in the Competency Index, but it is noted in the following:

  • Public Service Competencies - Children's Services, Young Adult Services

DDL Contacts

Training Needs Assessment Rankings

STEM ranked #23 out of 51 self-identified urgent training needs.  It ranked #9 out of 60 topics staff would like training in.  55% (72) of respondents indicated they would like training at the Beginner level, 30% (40) would like training at the Intermediate level, and 14% (19) would like training at the Advanced level.

Customer Service Standards

Safety - Provide a safe environment for staff and public, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and physical well-being.

Courtesy - Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Knowledge - Be aware of library policies, procedures, and resources.

Efficiency - Provide accurate and timely service with the best use of tangible and intangible resources.

Online Learning

Selected Bibliography

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