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Department of Health and Social Services Library

What Resource Should I Choose?




The definition for a medical term "What does akathisia mean?

Point-of-care resources or a practice guideline

What’s the latest on the management of panic disorder?

What’s the best method of pain control in children?

Background information

What’s the difference between depression and bipolar disorder?

I have a new patient with sickle cell anemia; I need an overview of this condition.

An answer to a narrower, focused clinical question

In a 70-year-old woman with primary insomnia and a previous adverse reaction to hypnotics, can cognitive behavior therapy improve sleep quality and duration?

In a toddler with croup, do glucocorticoids reduce symptoms better than standard supportive care?

Drug information

What is the pediatric dosage of erythromycin for strep throat?

What drugs have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of Alzheimer’s?

Evidence-based information about alternative therapies

Is melatonin safe and effective for treating insomnia?

Does music therapy help surgical patients heal faster?

Information to share with patients

Where can I find some nutrition information for my newly-diagnosed patient with diabetes?

Find print and ebooks

Where do I find a book about culturally competent care?

Clinical Trials

Where can I find clinical trials on occupational asthma?   

Healthcare Administration, Evaluation, or Quality Assurance resources

What framework should I use to measure the quality-adjusted cost of care?

What methods should I consider when measuring long-term systems change?

Where can I read health policy briefs? 

Health information for pediatrics

What is the association of labor induction with autism spectrum disorder?

Calculator, rule, table, lab result, procedure, or test

How can I calculate a patient’s diabetes risk score?

Where can I find a decision tree to use for smoking cessation and intervention?


Where can I get continuing education credits?

  • CINAHL Quick Lesson CEU (EBSCO)
  • JAMA (create a free account to access 10 CME tokens courtesy of DHSS)

Systematic Reviews

Where can I find a literature review that collects and critically analyzes multiple research studies on a topic? 

Recommended resources on a topic

Where do I find websites, journals, books, etc. on a topic?

Tutorials on using databases and search strategies

Where do I find information on how to navigate the library's databases?

Collect citations

What software can I use to collect citations while researching a topic?