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Department of Health and Social Services Library

This wellness page is a compilation of information and resources to assist DHSS employees in making informed choices to benefit their health and wellbeing. Positive changes can be made by spending only a few minutes a day focusing on physical activity, improving your mental health, choosing healthier meal options, and practicing mindfulness.

This page will be updated routinely, so please check back frequently for additional information and wellness options.

Wellness with Delaware

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Mindfulness Activities

Ways to Relieve Stress

Physical Activity and Fitness

State Facilities

Health Resources

Alternative Therapies


Books Related to Wellness

   The DHSS Library is a member of the Delaware Library Catalog
   All books owned by the DHSS Library can be checked out by any Delaware Library cardholder. 

   You can check out the books at the DHSS Library or have them sent to your local public library
   by placing a hold on the item and choosing the public library as your pick up location.
   Check out our collection on Mindfulness & Self-Care below!

   You can also send public library books to the DHSS Library and check them out there while you're on campus. 

Extracurricular Activities