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RIH Day Entry: DERSS to DELI: Lessons Learned from Implementing a New Disease Surveillance System to Promote and Protect the Well-being of Delawareans, 2021-2024

by Michelle Wynne-Feigin on 2024-04-08T10:00:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

Authors: Erica E. Smith, PhD, MPH; James Dowling, MPH; Alfred Finch, Camille Moreno-Gorrin, MPH; Uche Njoku, Kurt Olinger, Charlene Rodriguez, Mohammed Shdifat, Attillio Zarrella PhD, ThD, D CPC; Tracey Johnson, MS

Category: Humanity

To leave questions or comments for the authors, click here to visit Kaleidoscope.

To view a larger version of the infographic, right-click on the image and select "Open image in new tab."

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