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Delaware Libraries Project Planning FY2023: Collections

Museum Pass Pilot

DDL is working with OCLC to develop MuseumKey, a museum pass software application, for the loan of museum passes to library card holders. More information to come. Contact Sarena with any questions.

OCLC MuseumKey:

Chromebooks & Wi-fi Hotspots in the Library

Before a patron checks out a device, there are three things they need to do:

  1. Show proof of Delaware Library card.
  2. Read and sign the Device Responsibility and User Agreement form (Translated versions (in Spanish and Creole) are available at and can be accessed by library staff)
    1. Please print out copies of these to allow patrons to hand sign.
    2. Please keep signed copies on record for a month at a time. We suggest keeping separate folders for each month. 
    3. Patrons must fill out a new form every time they borrow a device.
  3. Complete the Device Pre-Survey (This form can be translated on a Google Chrome browser by right clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting "Translate to...")
    1. These surveys can stay electronic, and should be pre-loaded on the 6th Chromebook you receive.
    2. Patrons must fill out a new pre-survey every time they borrow a device.

Technical Support:

Staff are to contact Ask a Librarian DE with technical issues.

Patrons are to be directed to Ask a Librarian DE with technical issues. 

Text: (302) 613-7477
Call: (302) 257-3030

Contact with issues related to malfunctioning hardware, software, missing items, etc.

Below are images of the Wi-fi Hotspot case exterior and interior labeling. 

You may want to write the hotspot number and barcode on the exterior of the case to ease identification and retrieval.

wifi hotspot 


Hotspot with no connection.

Hotspot enabled.


April 26, 2002 - Catalog records for kits & figurines have been made. We are in midst of item level cataloging and packing totes for individual libraries. Keep an eye out for your kit arriving by Brooks!   Also, Design is working on a flyer to help promote in your libraries.

Tonieboxes are included in Library of Things, under the Miscellaneous category. They will be featured on 

March 10, 2022 - Change in plans, We are including the Mindfulness Tonie figurines in the kit with each Toniebox. 


DDL Contact: Michelle Hughes & Sarena Deglin -


  • 100 Toniebox Creative Starter Sets
  • 100 Headphones 
  • 100 Tonies Backpacks 
  • 100 Levar Burton Tonies 
  • 100 GoNoodle Tonies 
  • 33 Sesame Elmo 
  • 33 Nat Geo Whale
  • 33 Counting Songs
  • 33 Rapunzel
  • 33 Pinochio
  • 33  Disney Aladdin
  • 33  Disney Mickey Mouse


Library of Things in Delaware Libraries

Turnover Rates

From Bill Wilson
In general, the tipping point between what is “acceptable” and what indicates a collection that has some problems is a turnover rate of 3.0
A turnover rate of under 3.0 is usually a pretty good indication that there is a lot of deadwood in the collection.  This may be because the collection hasn’t been weeded (or hasn’t been weeded well), or that the materials that have been selected aren’t a good fit for the community that is being served.  A 2.7 or 2.8 probably isn’t a big cause for concern, but when you start to see the low 2s or even below 2.0, you have an issue that really needs to be addressed.
A turnover rate of 5 or more means that a library is really doing a terrific job of building a collection that is relevant to the public being served.
One caveat…  there are some libraries that saw their turnover rates shoot up quickly as first video tapes and then DVDs became a larger and larger part of circulation.  Many libraries are now starting to see their DVD circ number erode as people are doing more downloading/streaming of video content.  I would argue that some libraries have been content to enjoy the high video circ numbers and have put less care and effort into their collection development in regard to books.  It’s going to be hard for these libraries to maintain a 3.0 turnover rate (although they should really try to do so).
Here is my non-scientific assessment:
Turnover rate of less than 2.0…  Weed, weed, weed, weed!
Turnover rate of 2.0 – 2.5… equal effort on weeding and attention to collection development
Turnover rate of 2.5 – 3.5… primarily work on collection development, but make sure that regular weeding is taking place
Turnover rate of 3.5 – 5.0… keep doing what you’re doing… it’s working!
Turnover rate of over 5.0… sign on to doing programs at library conferences!  You have something to teach the profession!

CONTENTdm and the Delaware Collections

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