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Reading Recommendations: Archived booklists

This guide provides the resources to assist you in locating what to read next. Browse the resources below or check with the Reference Librarian at your Delaware Public Library for Reader's Advisory assistance.

10 Must-Read Books for Fans of Netflix’s Wednesday

Getting Social

The pros and cons of life online -


Teens with Magical Abilities

It's a whole new world for these teens navigating the rocky road of growing up while learning how to control their newfound powers


Novels with Songs as Their Titles

Come to these books for their titles, and stay for their engaging plot lines. -


Love is Love is Love

The following classic and contemporary coming-of-age LGBTQ novels chronicle the road to first loves, acceptance, and self-discovery. And that's something everyone can relate to. -


Teen Outcasts

Feeling like an outcast is a part of the teen experience. Because whether they are contemporary teenagers finding themselves as social pariahs, or characters in a far-flung dystopia shut out of society, in the end, everyone just wants to belong someplace, to feel at home.


Obsessed with Musical Theater?

Some of the books below were inspired by Broadway plays, some star musical geniuses of their own and some were written by the stars themselves. Does it get any better? -


Big Secrets

These books about teens with secrets are full of twists and turns. From hidden plans to following their dreams to uncovered family secrets, their stories will keep you guessing from the first page to the last. ​

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


Intrepid Girls

 Click each title to see all available formats (e-book, e-audio)



Dark Fairytales

You'll never look at fairy tales the same way again.


Love Is In the Air

Craziness of First Love