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Reading Recommendations: Archived booklists

This guide provides the resources to assist you in locating what to read next. Browse the resources below or check with the Reference Librarian at your Delaware Public Library for Reader's Advisory assistance.

11 Most Anticipated Thrillers
Out This Fall

Axis vs. Allies

Action-packed novels about the Second World War

Friendships Gone Wrong

Women’s complicated relationships are at the center of these books. -



Thrillers with a bit of espionage, martial arts, & politics thrown in


Adrenaline Rush


The Quest to Remember

Corporate Thrillers

It's the little guy v. THE MAN! -


Shocking Plot Twists

These books with plot twists will leave you guessing until the last page .


Chilling, Thrilling Page Turners

Keep cool from the summer heat with these chilling thrillers -

Who Needs Air Conditioning?

Books to give you the chills in the summer  


On the Run

This list contains many different types of thrillers, but each one features one or more characters on the run! Who's chasing them? Can they escape? Read on! -



It’s not one or two lives on the line, but eventually everybody. -


International Thrillers

A variety of intriguing protagonists solve crimes or bear witness to insurmountable chaos across the globe. -


Guilty or Not Guilty

These books feature suspense and twisting plots, high stakes cases, questionable defendants, and determined lawyers. -


Marriage Thrillers

Imagine discovering that not only are you living with a monster but that you are also married to him or her.

 Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


Domestic Thrillers

The following titles shows us that what happens behind closed doors is anything but boring.


Women Spies in World War II

 Click each title to see all available formats (e-book, e-audio)


True Life Page Turners

Non-Fiction for Thriller Lovers

 Click each title to see all available formats (e-book, e-audio)



Great Page Turners

Presidential Plots

Check out these gripping books that involve the White House and those who call it home.


Trust No One

Political Thrillers - NoveList


The Manchurian Candidate

By Richard Condon

The Day of the Jackal

By Frederick Forsyth

The Pelican Brief

By John Grisham

The Ghost

By Robert Harris

The Sum of All Fears

By Tom Clancy


By Eugene Burdick 

Six Days of the Condor

By James Grady

Absolute Power

By David Baldacci

Night of Camp David

By Fletcher Knebel

The Constant Gardener

By John Le Carré

Our Man in Havana

By Graham Greene

Don't Call the Doctor in the Morning