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Reading Recommendations: Archived booklists

This guide provides the resources to assist you in locating what to read next. Browse the resources below or check with the Reference Librarian at your Delaware Public Library for Reader's Advisory assistance.

Ancient Greece


Dear Diary

These stories focus on the imagined letters, diaries, or other personal papers left by characters throughout history. --NoveList


There Are Spies Among Us!


Historical Fiction Novels About War-Torn Love

Love stories of couples living under siege -

Tales from Arthurian Times


Historical China

These excellent works of fiction detail China's vast landscape, ancient culture, and fascinating history.


Novels Based on Little-Known Moments in History

The Roaring 20s

Travel back to an era when flappers dazzled and jazz reigned supreme - www.


Women Who Changed History

Historical Scotland

True Crime Books that are Stranger than Fiction

These true crime books delve into murder and other crimes from decades and centuries past, showing there is no statute of limitations on how compelling crimes can be when written about by skilled authors.

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


World War II on the Homefront

Indian Prairie Public Library

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


First Ladies

American First Ladies in fiction.

 Click each title to see all available formats (e-book, e-audio)



Women You Should Know

 Click each title to see all available formats (e-book, e-audio)

Epic Rivalries

Historical Crime

Do you like your historical fiction with a side of murder, theft, and  extortion? -


Story Book Lives

The following novels fictionalize the lives of historic characters. - from NoveList


Discovery & Exploration

Set your wanderlust free as you follow these voyages and expeditions. -


British Monarchy


Civil War Novels

"Compiled by the subscribers of the Fiction_L mailing list."