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Reading Recommendations: Archived booklists

This guide provides the resources to assist you in locating what to read next. Browse the resources below or check with the Reference Librarian at your Delaware Public Library for Reader's Advisory assistance.

Dark Fantasy

If many types of fantasy novels build a world from our dreams, dark fantasy creates one from our nightmares. These novels blend elements of fantasy, horror and the unknown.


Lost Continents

Fiction about Atlantis or other lost continents. 2022

Fantasy Novels with Magical Libraries

National Library Week - April 3-9, 2022

See the wonder of libraries taken one step further, into a place where literal magic exists -

Fact Behind the Fiction

Historical fiction + nonfiction pairings -







These books feature dragons as a major part of the book, even being cast as one of the major characters. 


Game of Thrones Read-a-Likes

If you read GOT for its grim, dark fantasy setting or the political intrigue, you'll find something to love in the books below. 

If part of a series, the first volume is listed -


Comic Fantasy

Comic fantasy, also sometimes referred to as comedic fantasy, is a blend of fantasy and comedy, where the prime purpose is to amuse the reader and the tone is humorous. Typical fantasy elements and conventions are often satirised or subverted.


Urban Contemporary Fantasies

Portal Fiction to Transport You

Portal fiction allows us to believe that at any moment we might be spirited away from our daily routine and into another world or time.


Romantic Fantasy

Arthur's Stories

Books about the legend of King Arthur


Funny Fantasy

If you like a hearty dose of laughter along with your magical creatures -


Retold Tales

Hair-raising Books about Werewolves

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


On Faery Wings

Here is a list of books that are about the Fae in their various incarnations -


Epic Fantasy

What makes a fantasy epic? It has to be BIG with a big cast of characters; a historical-seeming world with big magic; a big political plot that surrounds a big quest; and a big page count!


Great Fantasy from Around the World

Under the Sea

Mermaid Tales - Library Journal

Click each title to see all available formats (e-book, e-audio)



Historical Fantasy Novels Written by Women​

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.