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Reading Recommendations: Archived booklists

This guide provides the resources to assist you in locating what to read next. Browse the resources below or check with the Reference Librarian at your Delaware Public Library for Reader's Advisory assistance.

Creature Feature

Terrifying creatures stalk these pages - from zombies and vampires to as-yet-unnamed horrors. However, as they menace mankind, you may sometimes wonder who the real monsters are.


Horror in War

War is horror in and of itself, but it is also a ripe ground as a setting for horror fiction. -


Creepy Clowns

Not for the Squeamish

Horror fans attracted to the genre's darkest elements -- vividly described -- will enjoy the terrifying tales of humanity's worst imaginings on this list. Let the squeamish look elsewhere! From NoveList


Unusual Detectives

These books feature people who you would not expect to be detectives, but find themselves in the middle of a crime, trying to solve the crime.


The Walking Dead


Eco Horror

Should we be afraid of the environment? Or afraid of what’s going to happen to our environment? The answer is Yes and Yes -

Humorous Horror

Even though horror is not a particularly humorous genre, it is ripe for parody. Besides, who says a vampire can't have a sense of humor? -


Slasher Novels

The following books call to mind the classic 80's slasher movies. -


Folk Horror

The following titles use elements of folklore to invoke fear in their readers -


Get Out of the House!

Haunted Houses that Will Give You the Creeps

The monsters are supposed to be outside; but in haunted house books the monsters are inside, with you.  --


Have You Read These Classic Horror Books?

The books on this list are many different types of horror novels. What they have in common is that they stand the test of time and frighten people as much today as when they were first written. - NoveList



Are the Monsters Real?

...or only imagined or maybe a bit of both?  The following are books featuring psychological horror.-


Crime Novels for Horror Fans

The following books show that human behavior can be more terrifying than vampires or demons.

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


Short Stories Not Short on Horror

From NoveList

Click each title to see all formats (e-book, e-audio), if available.


Horror in Space

Scary Books That Will Keep You Up at Night

From The Huffington Post


Modern Day Ghost Stories


Spirits from beyond the grave and haunted houses are staples of the horror genre. In these tales, ghostly presences attach to an individual, an object, or pervade a physical space - leaving readers feeling haunted, too! - From NoveList