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Military Veterans: Women Military Veterans

This guide provides resources, both print and on-line, for military veterans and their families, including benefits, employment, health, and more. Browse the resources below or check your Delaware Public Library shelves in the following areas: 362, 331,

Military Women

Women in Business

Thursday Farrell is a proud veteran, and a truly innovative woman in business. The owner of Polished Barbers in Claymont, Delaware, Farrell was a featured speaker at the Find Your Voice workshop at the Claymont Library for Women’s History Month, a showcase encouraging women to turn their own talents and interests into lifelong dreams. Thursday “@ThatGirlCanCut” Farrell did just that as she excelled in the male dominated arena. “Barbering is a culture where women are the minority. Young boys mature into adult men who have grown up consistently seeing male barbers in a barbershop. It can be intimidating and scary for a man to sit in a female barber’s chair because of preconceived stereotypes and assumptions surrounding a female barber, mainly the hesitation or lack of trust in a female barber’s techniques in comparison to her male colleagues,” say Farrell. Her personal barbering style wins her rave reviews in the community. And, blending her business with the community is really where her innovation has excelled. “Community is extremely important to me. It’s what ties people to a specific place for a life time. As anyone who has experienced a little bit of success, I’m driven to always give back in the best ways I know how” says Farrell. “Some ways I try to do my part is donating to local clubs, organizing food drives, and also hosting annual community socials to try to bring people out so they can get to know people in their local community. Just recently, we tried to partner with St. Francis hospital for a health screening event. However, it was canceled due to Covid-19. I have a big heart for my community and pray I can always give a little extra of myself, be it physically or financially.”

When asked to describe her service in the military, this proud veteran says “It was the best decision I’ve ever made. My first duty station was in Germany. I was like a kid in the candy store – I loved the culture, and the freedom of being far away from home for the first time. The sense of accomplishment was amazing. I thought I made it, lol. I learned a lot. The first thing I learned was how to complete something weather I enjoyed it or not. The second was team work. It was extremely important. I learned a ton about leadership, accountability, and relationships. A lot of these things I learned are the foundation of what I practice to this very day. Over all, being in the Army was a great experience, one that I will never forget.”

The strength garnered from her experiences in the military pared with her dedication to the community is what has built the Polished Barber Company. And, truly helped Thursday Farrell find her voice.




Available from all Division of Motor Vehicles locations
Needed to obtain license plate:

  • Proof of Service (DD-214) 
  • $20 (one-time fee)
  • Vehicle Registration with Military Woman listed as an owner



The history of American women fighting for and defending their country dates back to the Revolutionary War. VA honors the service and sacrifice of all Women Veterans.