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Military Veterans: Benefits

This guide provides resources, both print and on-line, for military veterans and their families, including benefits, employment, health, and more. Browse the resources below or check your Delaware Public Library shelves in the following areas: 362, 331,



Assistance for Buying a Home

One of the benefits of being in the military is the ability to get benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. One of those benefits is the VA Home Loan program. While technically not financial assistance in the form of money given to the applicant, the VA Home Loan is one of the most affordable no down payment home loans available, and it is only available to qualified veterans or active duty members of the military.

Under the Veterans Affairs Home Loan program, qualified U.S. veterans, reservists and active duty personnel, as well as spouses of those who qualify, can receive a loan that is guaranteed in part by the VA. This allows the borrower to purchase a home with no money as a down payment, without having to buy costly private mortgage insurance. Although the VA Home Loan does have some costs, they are much lower than those associated with low down payment conventional loans.

If you have already purchased a home but find that you are struggling to pay back the loan, you may qualify for the Military Homeowners Assistance Program. This foreclosure assistance program offered through the federal government provides assistance for members of the military and surviving spouses of fallen service members who have defaulted on a loan.


Assistance from the American Red Cross

Assistance Specific Branches of the Military

Each of the branches of the military offers specific assistance programs for its members and veterans. If you are struggling financially and need help, this should be one of the first places you look. If you do not have a nearby relief organization for your service branch, you can apply for help through one of the other military relief organizations on behalf of your branch, or ask for help through the Red Cross. The relief organizations by service are:

Assistance with Paying Bills

There are a number of organizations that offer general help with paying bills specifically for military families. Some of these include:


Visit the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs website for information about any of the following programs:

  • Delaware State Veterans Home
  • Delaware Veteran Financial Benefits
  • Pension Benefits for Paraplegic Veterans
  • Retired Pay Income Tax
  • Disabled Veteran Vehicle Tax Exemption
  • Delaware Veteran Employment Benefits
  • State Employment Veterans Preference
  • License and Permits for Military Spouses
  • Delaware Education Benefits For Children
    Of Deceased Veterans
  • Delaware Veteran Recreation Benefits
  • State Park Admission
  • Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing License
    for Disabled Veterans
  • Delaware State Veterans Cemetery

DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) pays all DoD military and civilian personnel, retirees and annuitants, as well as major DoD contractors and vendors.


Mesothelioma & the Military

Being exposed to asbestos is higher for Veterans than the average civilian. Asbestos was used throughout the military for decades and many Veterans have been exposed and may be at risk for developing mesothelioma and other illnesses. Symptoms from exposure can take over 20 years to develop. For more information, visit the following websites: