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Business & Entrepreneurship: Start Here

Need assistance?

Make an appointment with a Business Manager from the Division of Small Business at

Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur with just the seed of an idea or an experienced business owner looking to expand, our team of Regional Business Managers can provide you one-on-one assistance and counseling to help you succeed.

A Regional Business Manager assists with:

  • Navigating government processes, allowing you to focus on opening or growing your enterprise.
  • Connecting with the right resource organizations for your business
  • Accessing capital by connecting you with funding opportunities
  • And much more!



Haga una cita con Negocios en Negocios pueden ayudarlo a que:

  • Aprenda sobre programas, servicios y préstamos para ayudar a crecer su negocio
  • Obtenga ayuda para calificar para certificaciones de negocios minoritarios
  • Establezca y logre sus objetivos comerciales
  • Entienda y maneje sus finanzas personales.

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