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Delaware Partners: Home

Delaware Partners brings together public libraries with government agencies, non-profit community organizations, social service agencies, and more across all disciplines to maximize resources and opportunities for Delawareans.



Whatever your need, whatever your interest, whatever your passion, the Delaware Division of Libraries is making your discovery easier through the Delaware Libraries Partners.

Delaware Partners brings together public libraries with government agencies, non-profit community organizations, social service agencies, and more across all disciplines to maximize resources and opportunities for Delawareans. Through this combined effort, Delawareans are able to visit their public library - physically or virtually - and find the content and connections they need all in one place.


Here is a quick guide to some of the topics included in each Dewey Classification:

  • 000-099 - Libraries, Archives, Computers
  • 100-199 - Philosophy, Psychology
  • 200-299 - Faith-Based Organizations
  • 300-399 - Crisis Assistance, Government Agencies, Housing, Transportation, Education, Veterans, Children, Families
  • 400-499 - ESL
  • 500-599 - Science, Mathematics
  • 600-699 - Health, Medicine, Business, Technology, Science, Engineering
  • 700-799 - Arts, Sports, Community Centers
  • 800-899 - Writing, Reading
  • 900-999 - History, Genealogy, Travel, Museums

000-099 Computers & eBooks

100's Philosophy & Psychology

200's World Religions

300's Social Sciences

400's Language

500's Science

600's Applied Science

700's Arts & Recreation

800's Literature

900's History & Geography