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Delaware Partners: Employment & Income

Delaware Partners brings together public libraries with government agencies, non-profit community organizations, social service agencies, and more across all disciplines to maximize resources and opportunities for Delawareans.

Employment & Income

As of December 2019, the Delaware unemployment rate is at 3.9% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Understanding Benefits

Definition: Need to understand pay and benefit packages in order to choose the correct plan

Need to understand how current state benefits (Medicaid, Purchase of Care, etc) are affected by a new job


Gaining Employment

Definition: Inability to fill out online applications.

Need an email account to enable communication with employers

Need a cell phone to enable communication with employers and/or access an email with two-factor authentication

Livable Wage/Underemployment

Definition: Person has a job, but does not make a wage that allows them to pay bills.


Money Management

Definition: Lack of knowledge regarding how to save and budget

Obtaining a bank account and how to utilize it (getting a debit/credit card)