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Allen McLane: Delaware Revolutionary War Hero: McLane Family Quiz

This guide provides information about Delawarean Allen McLane, Revolutionary War hero. Browse the resources below or check the shelves at your Delaware Public Library in the following area: 975.1.


If you correctly answer these 24 questions, you will most assuredly know more about this prominent family than you now know.  The stem for all of these questions begins with:   What member of the McLane family:


No. 1.   Married the son of Alexander Hamilton? ____________________

No. 2.   Was a friend and diplomatic colleague of Washington Irving? ____________________

No. 3.   Was elected president of the Delaware Abolitionist Society? ____________________

No. 4.   Became president of the Wells Fargo Bank? ____________________

No. 5.   Went into the Fort at Stony Point New York to gather vital military intelligence? ____________________

No. 6.  Was killed in battle while fighting with General Custer? ____________________

No. 7.  Served as the first Federal Marshal of the Delaware District? ________________

No. 8.  Warned General Washington at Whitemarsh of an impending British attack? ____________________

No. 9.  Was elected Governor of Maryland? ____________________

No. 10. Was married to Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston? ____________________

No. 11. Was called on to do psychiatric examinations of the men who assassinated President William McKinley and President James A. Garfield? ____________________

No. 12.  Alerted the Marquis de Lafayette of a British force of 5000 led by General Howe at Barren Hill? ____________________

No. 13.  Served as Collector of the Port of Wilmington for 32 years? ____________________

No. 14.  Served as a member of President Andrew Jackson’s Cabinet? ____________________

No. 15.  Was one of the signers of Delaware’s Ratification Document making Delaware the “The First State?” ____________________

No. 16.  Was elected Mayor of the City of Baltimore? ____________________

No. 17.  Was commissioned to deliver the stolen British naval signal codes to the French Admiral the Count de Grasse?   ____________________

No. 18.  Became the President of the B & O Railroad? ____________________

No. 19.  Served as Speaker of the Delaware House of Assembly? ____________________

No. 20.  Served in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate? ____________________

No. 21.  Was referred to by author Fred Cook as “The Unknown Hero of the Revolution?”_____________

No. 22.  Was referred to by a writer as “Washington’s Favorite Cavalryman?” ____________

No. 23.  Was referred to by a writer as “Delaware’s Daredevil?” __________________

No. 24.  Was such a thorn in the side of the British that a one thousand pound price (bounty) was placed on his head? ___________________