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Addressing Child Abuse & Neglect: Reading Recommendations

This guide provides general resources under the topic of Child Abuse and Neglect. If you are concerned about a child please contact Delaware’s Child Abuse and Neglect Report line at 1-800-292-9582 or report online at

The following books were recommended by the Office of the Child Advocate.

Picture books to teach young children about boundaries personal body safety, and to not keep serious secrets

This list provides parents and caregivers with resources to help teach young children about  understanding new and uncomfortable emotions, personal body safety, how to establish healthy boundaries, when to say "no", and to never keep serious secrets from trusted adults. 

Picture Books to Teach Young Children about Trauma and Domestic Violence

This list provides parents and caregivers with resources to help teach young children about  how to cope with uncomfortable and new feelings after witnessing domestic violence and/or tragic events

Middle Readers

This list provides age-appropriate book recommendations for pre-teens that discuss topics such as child abuse and neglect, poverty, living in a home where domestic violence is present, the foster care system and foster placements, sexual harassment, and the complexities of making new friends and growing up.

Teen Readers

Recommendations of young adult, coming of age novels that depict the behavioral and emotional consequences that occur in the aftermath of sexual assault and child abuse. Books also depictions of the foster care system, bullying, and racism.