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Writing a research paper: Reliable Sources

This libguide is for those just learning how to research. It will tell what research is, identify different resources for information as well as citing information.

Reliable sources consist of:

Non-fiction books




Library Database collection

​This page gives examples of these and how to tell if they are reliable.

8 Great Books That Few People Know Of


​Non Fiction

Less than 5 years old




When looking at websites, ensure it shows credibility.  There should be an about us link, and a way to look the company or author up through the site.  Sites should also be no older that 5 years.  


While Wikipedia is a good place to start for ideas, it is not considered a reliable source.  Anyone can post or change information on this site.

Newspapers including The Atlanta Constitution and San Francisco Chronicle found on

​Newspaper articles

Local newspaper (in relation to where events occurred)

​No date limit when writing about an event that took place in history.

Image result for periodical literature

Magazine Examples


National Geographic




Stay away from gossip magazines when conducting research.