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Delaware Libraries: COVID-19: Re-Opening Considerations

Information about library program cancellations, as well as links to other COVID-19 sites for libraries and Delaware.

Agenda for Director's Meeting


DDL General Updates

REALM Updates

Public Library Updates!  All

DLC/PL Updates -- Rose, Michelle


COVID Questions

510Closed Outlets Due to COVID-19

511Public Services During COVID-19

512Electronic Materials Added Due to COVID-19

513Electronic Library Cards Issued Before COVID-19

514Electronic Library Cards Issued During COVID-19

515Reference Service During COVID-19

516Outside Service During COVID-19

517Live Virtual Programs During COVID-19

518Recordings of Program Content During COVID-19

519External WiFi Access Before COVID-19

520External WiFi Access Added During COVID-19

521External WiFi Access Increased During COVID-19

522Staff Re-Assigned During COVID-19

Q3 FY21 Current Documents

Q2 FY21 Current Documents

Q1 FY21 Current Documents

DLC COVID-19 Related Data

General Reopening Considerations

A year after COVID-19 upended our lives, we are still contending with many uncertainties. Pandemics make for a complex problem in a complex system. Organizations have had to make decisions quickly based on information that is patchy, flawed, or indirect. Undisputed conclusions are hard to settle on, and there is no one decision to rule them all. Turns out, this uncertainty is the nature of decision-making during a global public health crisis.
The REALM project draws on experts in this area to offer some tips for how to navigate ambiguity in these circumstances:

Small Business Recovery Town Hall showing the proposed Phase 1 and 2 levels of reopening for businesses:




FY21 Q4 Documents (from Libraries)

NCC Risk Management has provided updated guidance this morning regarding COVID signage and masking/social distancing requirements for NCC Libraries:

  •  The public and staff will continue to be required to wear a Mask in libraries.  I have asked Catherine to create signage using the messaging in the second example in this link,   I like this example because it acknowledges that there has been a change in masking requirements for some buildings/businesses but not for libraries.
  • We are maintaining the 6 feet social distancing requirement, except where we need to reduce it to 3 ft for furniture placement.  What this means is that in addition to the 6 feet social distancing circle markers you have already placed on your floors, you may add more as building access is expanded.

Please note that we expect NCC HR in consultation with Risk Management, to issue a revised COVID-19 personnel policy for staff in early June that may address mask wearing by staff in offices and other areas where 6 feet social distancing is able to be maintained.  We will address questions about those changes when the policy is issued.

Please keep me advised of any issues you have today and tomorrow as a result of the changes in federal and state COVID guidelines.

May 21, 2021

Curbside Pickup

Fake ADA Exempt Mask Card