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2022 School Summer Reading Lists: St. Mary Magdalen School

This guide provides links to the Delaware Library Catalog for school summer reading lists.for public, private, and charter schools.


Grade 1

Read 6 books: 

Any 3 Nonfiction Books

  • Read six books: Any three nonfiction books:

● A book on plants or animals

● A book on any famous person in American History

● A book on weather

● A book on planets or the sun

Grade 2

Read 5 books 

  • 1 biography
  • 1 fiction
  • 3 non-fiction books
    • about landforms
    • about animals
    • about space


Grade 3

Read 3 books:

Read one grade appropriate biography

Read one grade appropriate book about animals

Grade 4

Grade 5

Read 3 books:

  • 1 grade appropriate biography
  • 1 grade appropriate historical fiction book
  • 1 grade appropriate book of choice (grade appropriate graphic novels are ok)

Grade 6

Read books:

Read an age-appropriate, content-appropriate book of your choice. (You should not have taken an AR test on your book of choice.)

Grade 7

Read books:

Any Novel of choice on the student's reading level.

Grade 8

Read 2 books:

One age-appropriate chapter book of choice