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2015 Summer Library Reading Program (Children) - Every Hero Has a Story: Delaware Nature Society

Delaware Nature Society

Delaware Nature Society will be offering the following programs at Delaware Public Libraries during the Spring, Summer and Fall 2015. Check the Delaware Library Calendar for the date and time for the following programs:

How Grandmother Spider Stole the Sun - According to the native Muskogee, long ago there was no night and day - only darkness on the Earth. Listen to their story of how a band of brave and clever creatures finally brought light to the world, then meet and learn about live and taxidermy examples of some of these animals.

The Earth on Turtle's Back - The native Onandaga say that in the beginning there were neither land nor plants in our world. Hear their tale of how that was changed by a group of courageous animals, then meet live and taxidermy examples of these important creatures.

Owl Moon - Hear the story of a young girl's adventures as she goes searching for owls with her father for the first time, then learn about these amazing birds for yourself by examining taxidermy specimens, listening to owl calls, and even dissecting an owl pellet.

The Legend of the Lady Slipper (An Ojibwe tale) - Never pick a lady slipper. If any part is picked, the entire flower dies. And it grows there, in the northern woods, to mark the courage and strength of a small girl who lived long ago - a girl who saved all of her people from a terrible disease by listening carefully to the whispering snow, the rumbling ice, and the dancing northern lights.

Johnny Appleseed - Rhymed text and illustrations relate the life of John Chapman, whose distribution of apple seeds and trees across the Midwest made him a legend and left a legacy still enjoyed today.

Harry Horseshoe Crab, A Tale of Crawly Creatures - Interesting facts about horseshoe crabs and how they save human lives every day. Sponsored by "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society, Sanibel, FL. Program would include a visit with a live horseshoe crab.


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