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2023 Summer Library Reading Program - All Together Now: Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation

DASEF: All Together Now


Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation


Todos Juntos Ahora – Kindness/Friendship/Unity

The activities that follow will focus on friendship, kindness, and unity. . . which is what it will take, if we are going to be “All together Now” and in the future! Some activities will be STEM and STEAM related to encourage participants to be creative!! Contact your Delaware Public Library for more information on this Summer Library Reading Program in partnership with (DASEF) Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation!


  • Read Aloud- Puzzle Building Exercise
  • Kindness Builds Bridges Challenge-Problem Solving
  • United We Stand- Tower Building
  • Squish Unkind Behaviors- Sorting
  • Making Friends is an Art – Use a Book Craft
  • Kindness Matching Game – Concentration Game
  • Friendshapes – Match shapes