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000-099 - General Computers & eBooks: Home

This guide provides the general resources under the topic of Computers and eBooks. Browse the resources below or check your Delaware Public Library shelves in the following area: 000-099.

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Books to Read in 2023

The ability of a machine to reason, learn, and solve problems in the same ways that people do constitutes artificial intelligence. The beautiful thing about artificial intelligence is that you can construct a computer with pre-programmed algorithms that can function with its own intelligence, so you don’t need to pre-program a machine to perform something.

The Delaware Way

 Episode 28 Segment 2 State Librarian of DE: Delaware Libraries and Technology

Free Broadband and Wifi at Delaware's Libraries

All 32 public libraries in Delaware have free WiFi (wireless Internet access) and computers available for the public to use. 

Any Which Way You Read

Learn how the libraries are out-in-front with digital collections and free classes to help any reader get connected with online book borrowing.