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For Delaware Librarians: Youth Services

DDL's programs, services, and initiatives to realize our vision of making Delaware libraries the first in the nation on behalf of all Delawareans

Story Time Resources

Healthy Families

Babies Need Words Every Day:

In August 2015, ALSC launched Babies Need Words Every Day: Talk, Read, Sing, Play. These shareable resources were designed to bridge the 30 Million Word Gap by providing parents with proven ways to build their children's literacy skills. Babies Need Words Every Day resources include eight visually appealing posters that deliver simple, effective rhymes, games and other suggestions for immediate, enriching ways to communicate with babies.

These free posters are available in English and Spanish, and are ideal for posting above changing tables in child care centers, in doctors’ waiting rooms and anywhere else where children and their caregivers have a moment to talk, read, sing and play. ALSC also provides a book list that suggests some books for parents to request at their local library. Librarians should encourage their community partners to download and display these free printable resources.

Child Development

Access to Reading


Resources used in DE Public Schools

Let’s Go Learn

Online Reading Assessment, Math Assessment, and Supplemental Learning

General Info: Let's Go Learn can make individual student assessment or widespread universal diagnosis possible with products that are easy to use and scalable to entire schools or districts, using your existing computer labs and classroom installations. Let's Go Learn provides the opportunityy for districts to implement a web-based, diagnostic platform, while allowing teachers to meet the instructional needs of each individual student.

Corporate Info: Let’s Go Learn, Inc. (LGL) was founded in 2000 by technologist Richard Capone and by Dr. Richard McCallum, a renowned reading expert out of UC Berkeley California. LGL’s mission is to provide automated, individualized diagnostic testing, data, reporting, and instruction to boost an individual student's performance in reading and math. LGL Math and Reading assessments have been administered over 7,000,000 times worldwide. Let’s Go Learn’s products have been statistically validated for reliability and are aligned with Common Core and state standards.

Contact/Support Info: Have contact info for Family Use and K-12 Public/Private School Sales but no library contact info. Same with Support info: Family/Tutor Support and Schools/School District Support


Supercharged Storytimes

TED Talk

According to the US Department of Education, more than 85 percent of black fourth-grade boys aren't proficient in reading. What kind of reading experiences should we be creating to ensure that all children read well? In a talk that will make you rethink how we teach, educator and author Alvin Irby explains the reading challenges that many black children face -- and tells us what culturally competent educators do to help all children identify as readers.

Book Floods