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DIY & Frugal Living: Home

Here you will find books, websites, and resources to help you DIY.

DIY & Frugal Living

Research Publications

Read newspapers, journals, electronic books, and more without leaving your computer.

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For More Information

Your Public Library

  Your local library offers free access to:

  • The Internet!  That's right, FREE INTERNET access.
  • Books, Movies, & Music - Find the latest bestsellers, award-winners, and more.  Check the Delaware Library Catalog for what you are interested in!
  • Magazines - Cancelled your magazine subscriptions?  Your local library subscribes to many magazines and you can even take them home.  Or, you can login to your library account to explore our online resources for pdf versions of your favorite magazines (such as Consumer Reports, Fortune, etc).
  • Entertainment - Take a class, attend a concert, or watch a foreign film, at your library!  Libraries offer a variety of free entertainment options for children, teens, and adults.  Check with your local library for more information!
  • Business Resources -  Login to your library account and get access to databases that help you reach new markets and identify your competitors.  Libraries are your source for professional business development and keeping up with business trends.  We have the Harvard Business Review, books from Harvard Business School Press and more.
  • Research Resources - Need genealogy help?  Have to write a paper?  Login to your library account and access your libraries online resources.